Map of Ireland

Ireland map showing major cities, towns and roads. This map is an accurate representation as it is made using GPS points provided from a variety of government sources. This map can be used for offline use such as university or school projects. Map of Ireland provided by if you need to provide a reference. I know The Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK but the data I had for making the map included the whole of the island so why not add the republic as well.

I also have a much larger and more detailed Ireland map, it is 2500px x 2600px pixels and 436k and it shows the majority of the main roads with their respective numbers.
Large Ireland Map

Ireland map

About Ireland

Ireland / Éire is an island to the east of Great Britian. Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe.

Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which makes up 5/6 of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The island comprises mostly of low-lying mountains which surround a central plain.