Common Pub Names in England

Pubs have long been revered as the communal living room of towns and villages, places where stories are woven into the very wood of the bar. What's in a name? Quite a lot, it appears, when it comes to these bastions of community and camaraderie. The study conducted on the commonality of pub names across England highlights a striking pattern of cultural and historical values reflecting through their names.

Leading the pack is "The Red Lion" a name that graces 447 establishments when combining its variations. This name is not merely a choice but a narrative, a nod to the heraldic symbol associated with strength and valor, often found in the royal standards of England. Following closely are "The Crown" and "The Royal Oak" with 256 and 364 mentions respectively, illustrating the publics fascination with monarchy and history. The oak a symbol of endurance and strength and the crown, a symbol of authority, resonate deeply within the English psyche, manifesting prominently in the places that foster community discussions.

Agriculture's imprint on pub names is unmistakable with names like "The Plough" and "The Wheatsheaf" signaling the importance of farming in England's cultural heritage. The presence of 184 establishments named "The Plough" and 158 "The Wheatsheaf" underscores this connection, celebrating the pastoral and agrarian roots that many of these communities were built upon.

Equally reflective of England's natural beauty are names like "The Swan" and "The White Hart," totaling 163 and 234 occurrences respectively. These names not only illustrate an appreciation for wildlife but also for the mythology and heraldry of England. The swan is often associated with royalty and the white hart was a symbol used by Richard II, both adding a layer of historical richness to the pub's identity.

Not to be overlooked are the nods to hospitality itself, with names like "The New Inn" appearing 203 times. Such names evoke a sense of welcoming new travelers and locals alike, promising warmth and new stories.

The table below shows the 50 most common pub names in England.

NameVariationTotal Count
The Red Lion (260)Red Lion (187)447
The Royal Oak (220)Royal Oak (144)364
The Crown (249)Crown (7)256
The White Hart (152)White Hart (82)234
The White Horse (145)White Horse (74)219
The New Inn (126)New Inn (77)203
The Plough (176)Plough (8)184
The Swan (156)Swan (7)163
The Wheatsheaf (131)Wheatsheaf (27)158
The Black Horse (92)Black Horse (52)144
The Crown Inn (96)Crown Inn (43)139
The Kings Arms (71)Kings Arms (67)138
Rose and Crown (79)The Rose and Crown (45)124
The Ship Inn (99)Ship Inn (25)124
Prince Of Wales (82)The Prince of Wales (40)122
The Bell (117)Bell (2)119
The Kings Head (68)Kings Head (49)117
The Queens Head (65)Queens Head (49)114
The George (108)108
The White Lion (67)White Lion (41)108
The Rising Sun (74)Rising Sun (33)107
The Railway (101)Railway (3)104
The Cross Keys (56)Cross Keys (44)100
The Greyhound (93)Greyhound (5)98
The White Swan (62)White Swan (35)97
The Bell Inn (64)Bell Inn (32)96
Rose & Crown (68)The Rose & Crown (22)90
The Chequers (75)Chequers (10)85
The Three Horseshoes (44)Three Horseshoes (40)84
The Black Bull (43)Black Bull (39)82
The Victoria (71)Victoria (11)82
The Plough Inn (60)Plough Inn (20)80
The Ship (77)77
The Sun Inn (47)Sun Inn (30)77
The Bull (75)Bull (1)76
Golden Lion (38)The Golden Lion (37)75
The Bulls Head (39)Bulls Head (35)74
Coach and Horses (53)The Coach and Horses (21)74
The Green Man (54)Green Man (20)74
The Swan Inn (50)Swan Inn (24)74
The Fox (70)Fox (3)73
The King's Head (42)King's Head (29)71
The Queen's Head (42)Queen's Head (29)71
The Cricketers (59)Cricketers (7)66
The George Inn (49)George Inn (17)66
The Star (63)Star (3)66
The Nags Head (34)Nags Head (31)65
George and Dragon (45)The George and Dragon (19)64
The Anchor Inn (39)Anchor Inn (24)63
The Railway Inn (35)Railway Inn (28)63

Common Pub Names in England