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Rochester Castle Photo

Rochester Castle

Lying directly opposite Rochester Cathedral, this Norman castle presents one of the finest examples of Norman castle architecture to be found in England. Indeed it made such a great impression on young Charles Dickens that he declared he wanted to be buried here.

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Dover Castle Photo

Dover Castle

First used as a fortification by the early Britons, Dover Castle spans some 2000 years of history. Soon after the conquest of Britain, the Romans built an 80 foot Pharos or lighthouse overlooking their major port. This was in turn used as a bell-tower by the Anglo-Saxons who built the church of St-Mary-in-Castro next to it. While these ancient structures are still standing, an early Saxon fort and fortifications by William the Conqueror are less easy to identify.

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Walmer Castle Photo

Walmer Castle

Following Henry VIII's break from the Catholic Church, England's shores were vulnerable to attack from across the English Channel. Expecting retribution from France and Spain, Henry VIII built three castles, Deal, Sandown and Walmer to protect the Downs and prevent enemy landings facilitated by areas of safe anchorage.

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Richborough Castle Photo

Richborough Castle

Richborough is one of the most important Roman sites in Britain. One of the landing places of the Roman army in AD43, Rutupiae Portus, went on to become one of the main supply bases for the Roman troops. As conquest over the British became certain, the base was turned into a town with a triumphal, monumental arch celebrating the empire's military success. Today, you can see the remains of this arch, the large defensive ditches surrounding the fort and the remains of the old store rooms. There are also some Saxon remains on the site; the relics of an early Saxon church and a baptismal font. On your visit, step into the museum which contains Roman weapons, coins, ornaments and some of the best examples of Roman pottery to be found in England.

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Upnor Castle Photo

Upnor Castle

Upnor Castle was constructed under the orders of Elizabeth I who wished to protect her interests anchored in the Medway.

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